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■Company Profile

Thank you for your interest in our advertising expression checking service “KONOHA”.

We are a digital marketing support company. We are strong in digital marketing for cosmetics / supplements, and we have a particularly strong reputation in ad supervision.

In November 2019, we obtained a patent for “Tsukuyomi“, a database of supervised advertising expressions which complies with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations.

We are a one-of-a-kind company that provides tools for checking OK/NG words and displaying alternative expressions in advertisements.

■Our Mission

Create a world where every single ads are pre-checked

In order to achieve our goal,
we have been manually collecting OK/NG words
for advertising expressions every day
for more than five years.

From June 2021, we have been
working on industry-university collaboration.
With the iU College of Information Management and Innovation,
we will promote academic research on misleading ads.

■Who supervises “Konoha”

We have professionals in digital marketing and business law, as well as active attorneys.

Artworks Consulting
President and CEO
iU College of Information Management and Innovation
Guest Professor

Satoshi Takahashi

Professional in digital marketing and business law compliance (Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations).
Been involved in digital marketing for 400 websites, including that of beauty supplements and health foods, and has provided methods for increasing sales and attracting customers. More than 200 companies have participated in his seminars.

Isoda Law Office
Representative Attorney-at-Law, Patent Attorney

Naomichi Isoda

Member of Tokyo Bar Association, Japan Federation of Bar Associations, and Japan Patent Attorneys Association

■Our one and only service “KONOHA”

Advertisement expression checking tool “KONOHA” is available for unlimited use.
The tool can be used in-house for everyday ad supervision.
The tool automatically checks text on websites and documents (PDF, JPG, PNG), so you can quickly finish the supervision that would take 2-3 days with visual supervision.

■Digitalize the process of submitting ads

■Our 4 distinctive characteristics

①Patent Obtained

The industry’s only automatic ad expression checking tool

②Unlimited Use

Thanks to our engine, no limitation of checking frequency

③Incredible Speed

Finish checking within minutes!

④Consistent Results

Same results no matter who uses it!

■Why you should implement “KONOHA”

① Increase ad review pass rate

Dramatic reduction in screening failures when submitting ads!

② Cut Costs

Fully automate the process of ad supervision!

③ Differentiation

Branding with “supervised” advertising!

④ Risk Avoidance

Greatly affects the company’s image and sales!


Unparalleled cost performance compared to other companies.
We are the only company that can handle digital marketing and advertising expression.

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